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Scholarships, funded through grants and donations, will be distributed to assist Massachusetts families cover expenses related to their child’s in utero substance exposure.  The funds designated for scholarships will be managed by the TTMAB Grant Committee, a subset of the Board of Directors.

Grants Can Be Used to:

  1. Pay for services or equipment that are not covered by other sources, such as insurance. 
  2. Cover deductibles or copayments. 
  3. Other purposes as specified or directed by the donor.

Procedure for Distributing Scholarships:

  1. Individuals submit an application to utilize funds for a maximum request of $500 per expense. 
  2. All applicants receive a status (i.e. incomplete, complete/pending review, final decision) of their application in writing. 
  3. The Scholarship Committee reviews applications monthly and make recommendations to the Board;
  4. Board makes final scholarship decisions through a vote;
  5. Decisions will be provided in writing within 4 weeks of receipt of a completed application;
  6. Awards will be made based on available funds;
  7. Urgent/time sensitive requests must be submitted to the President of the Board for consideration. The President will bring the request to the Board for a vote with the goal of providing a decision within seven business days

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To the Moon and Back, Inc (TTMAB) is pleased to announce a grant for uncovered expenses related to their child’s in utero substance exposure.  These children often have long term developmental needs that require treatment and equipment that is not always covered by insurance or other sources.  The TTMAB Children’s Grant can be used for things like therapy copays, nutritional supplements, weighted blankets, or neuropsychological testing expenses.  Our hope is that this grant will help decrease the financial burden for families while helping kids gain access to needed services.  While our funds are limited we hope to continue to fundraise throughout the year to support as many children and families as possible.

A heartfelt thank you to all the families out there striving to help their children meet their true, full potential.

Theresa Harmon, MSW, LICSW

Founder & Executive Director, To The Moon And Back, Inc

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